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X-men cartoons

As a kid, I really enjoyed the older TV series from the 90s. I was into the comics a lot when I was younger, so the cartoon was a great addition. And I was excited (like so many people, such as joshtin4lyfe) when this newer version was supposed to come out. Then I saw it and was terribly disappointed. Okay, okay, it's a kid's show, but there is a lot less conflict, violence, and actual protagonists compared to the older series. I'm wondering why it's so much more tame that the older version.

Speaking of which, I don't know if they've been posted yet, but for fans of the older cartoon, you should check out the first and the second version of the Japanese openings. For the Japanese kids' audience, they decided to go with a more dramatic and action-packed opening. True, Magneto does not control Brood aliens, but whatever. cartoon openings don't always follow the shows' continuity.
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