gone (phantasmrose) wrote in antievolution,


No one's bitched in here for a while, sooo...

I managed to catch an episode a few days ago. Whee. Rogue was going around draining everyone's powers - the plot was stupid, as usual, but what irked me was that Rogue would go drain someone's power at night, and then still be able to use them the next day. O_o People who watch this show regularly: is that normal for Evo? Rogue's powers have a pretty quick ratio - the general idea is a 1:60 (for every second she makes contact, she gets one minute of power). The only thing that remains permanent after absorbtion is memories/psyche. If she absorbed that many people (Scott, Jean, Kitty, Gambit, Collosus, Mystique, all the brotherhood kiddies, even Magneto and fucking Prof X), she'd not only be overloaded with uncontrollable powers, she'd be freaking out with their minds in hers. Especially since one of them was Xavier!

Oh and ... what the hell happened to Wanda? O_o It looks like she was eaten by the Hot Topic monster!
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